Transformation Testimonial

“Today marks day 51 of my beachbody transformation – the 21 day fix extreme & 30 day deluxe Core de Force are now complete – I can happily say I didn’t miss a day & looked forward to the workout everyday

When I started, I didn’t know if I’d like working out to a video, but it seems like the coaches & cast [in the videos] are actually right in the room – they are encouraging & get you through each move.

I decided to join when my personal coach Christa asked me to be in her challenge group. I thought it would be a good way to keep me on track, since I had to put a post up everyday about the workout I did! I wondered if I’d want to continue after the first 30 days, but I knew within 5 days that I was hooked.

Let’s reverse my life over the past year – I have always been active, but much less since last year when my mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. It was hard to think about myself & what I needed when all I could focus on was how to help her & get her through her treatments & surgery. I don’t regret letting myself go but I knew it was time to have me time again, and since Beachbody is less than 1 hour each day, it seemed like the perfect program to try! I learned that it’s not hard to fit that in any schedule!! I’m also a busy mom & a business owner, which takes up a lot of my day. I don’t have a set workout time & that’s ok – I’ve done a couple that have ended close to midnight, but I didn’t miss it!!

I feel so much better – healthier & energetic – and as you can see from the photos, I look better too 🙂 That’s the most exciting part! It’s not easy & not instant – I took pics about every 2 weeks & at first I didn’t look much difference, then I slowly started noticing. The workouts got easier & I became stronger, more flexible & most noticeably I can balance better. When I started, each cool down has the quad stretch where you lift 1 leg. I had to hold a wall when I started, now the 1 leg balance is no problem!! It’s the little things like that that show your strength tho!
Oh, and another added bonus, my clothes are comfortable again!

I also added Shakeology & my rule is I can’t have my shake unless I do my workout. They are so yummy that I crave it so it motivates me to get moving & shaking – punny huh!!

If anyone is having doubts about beachbody, join a challenge group & give it a try – do it for you & you only – but in the long run, you’ll feel like a better person overall, which is good for the people around you on a daily basis 🙂
I look forward to choosing my next program…what will it be??” – Sherry

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