BLOAT! Ugh. Let’s be real, this is never fun.

You know, that awful feeling when you’re stomach feels loaded and it pushes WAY far out, making it look like you’re pregnant when you are so NOT pregnant.

I typically have a good idea of what bothers me , and I generally avoid those foods. But every once in awhile a food will have a crazy effect on me. The ONLY different food item that I had today was Coconut Milk. I had actually meant to purchase Coconut Water and just grabbed the wrong thing – my bad.

After a quick Google search it sounds like Coconut Milk can have that effect on people. Again, it’s not that it’s a bad food item, or unhealthy, it’s just that some foods effect us all differently.

This is why it’s super important to pay attention to what is going in to our bodies. I don’t know any kind of food that’s worth eating again if it causes bloating and pain.

What foods do you have trouble with?

bloat 2image2

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