Shaun Week Review

A couple of months ago I wrapped up one month of regular Insanity and one month of Insanity Max 30. I had been wanting to try those programs for awhile now because people were getting such crazy results. After about a month of Insanity, I had to reel it in a bit. As much as I enjoyed the workouts, I just didn’t have enough time every morning to devote to almost an hour of a workout. I’m already waking up at 4:50, and I promise that waking up any early is just not gonna happen!

I didn’t want to give up on the style of the workouts, so I made the switch to Insanity Max 30. I had already noticed a huge change in myself – I was more motivated, more capable of finishing workouts, and just overall felt incredibly stronger.

HOWEVER, I missed weights like it’s nobody’s business. I missed how weights sculpted my body, and helped me burn more fat. Through Insanity I had created quite the behind – and it’s not that I wasn’t proud of what it represented, I frankly just couldn’t fit my new butt into my pants. So after two months of these programs, I went to 21 Day Fix Extreme and lost a total of 2 inches around my hips and behind and 2 around my waist. That program just worked for MY BODY.

So when Shaun Week was announced, I thought, “Well, I might as well try it – it’s only 7 days, and it’s Shaun T!” Other that what we were told about it being new workouts, I had no idea what to expect.

Day One: Insane Basics – This workout is PERFECT for anyone wanting to start a program. It’s not that it’s easy, it’s more so just focused on form and getting through the basics!

IMG_4242 - Copy

Day Two: Pure Cardio 2 – Admittedly, I was not excited about starting with a complete cardio workout. I usually struggle to find the motivation to complete them because it’s an ALL OUT HR spiking workout. Conclusion: Not only was it an incredibly challenging and interesting workout, it hit me right in the feels. As I was coming off the high from the workout and Shaun T was still talking, I lost it. Like straight up started bawling. Here I am sweating my guts out and Shaun T is telling me how amazing I am, how I am capable of pushing through anything that is thrown at me and telling me I can do it. This workout was not easy. It challenged me in every way. But I broke through barriers. I faced wall after wall and found a way to move on. Just think how that applies to our every day life. How many times have we almost completed something, but we got in our own way? Just think of all times we ALMOST did something and didn’t – imagine how our lives could be different!


Day Three: Insane Weights – WEIGHTS! I was beyond excited to see weights as part of this program! Shaun T… you’re speaking my language! This workout was my jam. Again, challenging, but it made me so happy to pick up those dumbbells.

Day Four: 25 Abs – An entire workout solely devoted to Abs. HECK YES! Loved this one. And it flew by.

Day Five: Ribsanity – Like I said above, I wake up at 4:50 to get my workouts in before work, so when I saw that this one was 43 minutes, instead of the expected 30, I was a little disappointed. Per usual, Shaun T did not disappoint. And again, there were weights. Shaun T pulled out the Badass Fighter inside of me for this one. I was reminded that I fight for ME. If I give up, it’s on ME. There’s some incredible power in that. Tear again at the end of this one.

Day Six: Speed 4.0 – Cardio…At first, I was not excited. But I had to remind myself that this week has been a nice blend of workouts, and I’ve been able to use weights twice already. This speed workout was nonstop – as in, no breaks! And the music and moves actually had a Cize influence.  This one DRAINED me, so I’m happy it fell on a Saturday and I actually didn’t get this one started until almost 9am.

Day Seven: Dip Deep – Oh. Boy. Why did I think I was going to get off easy with this final day? 27 minutes? No problem. Riiiggghhhttt. Just another opportunity to push – to do more than I thought I could, to push just a few seconds longer. I had to stop a few times. I had to modify. But I never gave up. I now have more goals, and I can’t wait to get after them!


Overall, I am blown away by the program! It has the perfect mix of workouts, they fit in a time frame that works with my schedule, and it’s Shaun freakin-T. Like Shaun T is enough to get me to press play – but this program is on a whole new level. It’s so much more than a workout. Not at the Shaun T level? No worries! He has a legit modifier in every single video. On Day 4, I worked out with my preggo coach friend via Zoom and she was able to make it through the entire program, modifying some of the moves.

Do you have a hard time completing a program?

Is it a challenge for you to find something to connect with?

Just take it one week at a time. Just give Shaun T ONE WEEK and see how it changes you. You won’t regret it!


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