Wrapping up the Shift Shop

“You’re a badass”

“You have no idea how powerful you are”

“Challenges will not defeat you”

“Don’t let the move finish you”


These are just some of the messages that would be staring me in the face during a Shift Shop workout. Every time I hit the floor out of breath, feeling like I was unable to make it any further, these phrases were staring at me. Encouraging me. Using the “me” that was motivated last night to push the “me” that was currently laid out on the floor.

These were the messages I got to hit during certain workouts (yes, hit. one of my favorite actions to help get me through a move), or leap over, going higher each time. These messages were like the extra lives you get in a video game. Every time I “died”, I looked at one of those cards, and they gave me life back. I was given another chance. I would pick up exactly where I left off and continue to fight and collect coins, and be an awesomely badass character! (Okay, I’m getting a little off track, but you get the point.)

Something so simple, was the one thing that kept me going.

I remember looking at the workout schedule and thinking, I’m not going to like this. I hate repeating workouts in the same week. That’s usually what makes me quit a program and find something else to do instead. But after the first week of workouts and nutrition, I was hooked.

It didn’t take me long to fall in love with Chris Downing.

If you’re familiar with Beachbody workouts, or just trainers you see from DVD programs, then you probably know Shaun T. That man is one of the most uplifting and motivating people out there. I’m just instantly inspired and powered when he starts talking all nice through the TV screen! Until now, I’ve never encountered a trainer who was as encouraging. Chris and Shaun have different styles, but they both speak to your soul in a way that drives you to accomplish things you never thought possible.

Week one wasn’t too bad – 25 minute workouts for 6 days, plus a super simple workout plan.

Day One of Shift Shop

Week two was nice because it built on the basic moves that we used during the first week, and we moved up to 35 minute workouts. The meal plan became a little more selective because the idea is to lower the amount of carbs consumed each week. The reason this week was such a challenge was because I got Poison Sumac (the second time this summer I’ve had something – a month before I had Poison Ivy). This round was even worse. It progressed super quickly and was incredibly painful. Thankfully I was put on medication right away, but it still took a week for the symptoms to calm down. I still powered through every workout, and didn’t skip a day! The one thing that wasn’t on point was my nutrition. It was also my 33rd birthday this week, and I am a firm believer in allowing yourself some freedom, otherwise you’re gonna lose your mind! I had two glasses of wine at dinner, plus a delicious slice of chocolate cake.  Even though this week was incredibly challenging (mainly mentally, trying to push past everything that was going on) I still began noticing huge changes in my body. Win!

Feeling so incredibly strong after Week Two of SS (You can see the poison on my legs!)

Week three upped it once again and we were completing 45 minute workouts and refining our nutrition even more. The nutrition plan really didn’t bother me all that much. I was still eating a ton of food, and not really feeling like I was missing anything. It also helped that I was following the supplied nutrition guide. I liked everything on it, and it was one less thing I had to worry about. (Don’t worry, there are lots of meal options on this plan, I just chose to keep it simple for round one.)


I remember the way my core section was feeling during this program. I could literally feel the muscles changing like I have never felt before. When I took my final pics I was kind of blown away, and I will also mention I was a little bloated – thanks period 😉

As I reflect on this program, and everything I accomplished, I’m amazed by all of the changes that took place. It wasn’t just me changing my body, it was the mind shift that took place that was surprising. Even up until this point I would find myself still being incredibly critical of my body. Every time I’d look in the mirror I would find something small to point out – guess I have to work harder next time, I’d think. I didn’t think it was unhealthy, because I tricked myself into believing I wasn’t using negativity to drive myself. [That has actually become the theme of this journey for me]. I would think that things were going well, only to make/create a shift and be slapped in the face with how wrong my thought process had been before.

I know we are all affected by social media and by what is being shared. I don’t blame social media. After all, social media is just a vehicle. It’s not responsible for the content or for our reactions and feelings. People – other humans – are responsible for the messages that are shared. We are then responsible for how we react. That doesn’t make it easy.

So if people have the power to be negative on social media, don’t they also have the power to pump out positive messages too? Can’t we use this amazing platform to change the way we think about ourselves? I don’t want to stop sharing my journey, especially the physical changes, because I believe they are important. But my physical transformation is not YOURS and vice versa. We need to condition our minds to be happy for others and their accomplishments instead of tearing ourselves apart because we don’t match up.

Phew…that’s a lot that came from a three week workout program!

As I’m writing this, I’m in week one of round two. I’m already having a different experience from the first three weeks. I’m being challenged in brand new ways, and I can’t wait for what I get to share after that.

Interested in this program? Send me a message! It’s not for everyone, but you won’t know until you try!



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