newproject_1_original (1)Let me introduce you to [ Fearlessly Badass ]!

We are all special & unique – am I right?!

There are a few things I 100% believe in –

  • Making healthy food choices.
  • Moving your body every. single. day.
  • Investing in books or podcasts that focus on developing YOU.
  • Being fearless.
  • Being a badass.

A scale does not define us.

A number does not restrict us.

We are strong, powerful & beautiful.

Thanks for joining me on this wild, crazy, amazing, and rewarding journey.

I am a health coach, motivator, friend, confidante & your biggest fan!

And now let me introduce you to me, Christa!

I am 

  • a photographer
  • dog mom (if you haven’t met Sam, Howie & Zelda, you soon will!)
  • a wife – my other half, Jamie, is a huge motivator and my support system♥
  • lover of tall socks
  • competitive – let’s be honest, I love a good challenge
  • fueled by coffee & nutella
  • usually laughing or smiling
  • social but I also enjoy my quiet and alone time
  • positive, motivated & inspired by people daily
  • a coach

I don’t like cleaning or cooking – but I like a clean and organized house & good food.

Fitness is my medicine & my therapy.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to getting to know you!